Case Study: Streamlining Car Parts Logistics with Ship & Deal

Client Overview:

Business Owner: Carsten Mayer Business

Name: Carsten’s Auto Parts Industry:

Automotive (Car Parts Retail)

Challenge: Efficiently shipping a wide range of car parts across Germany while minimizing costs and ensuring timely deliveries.


In the competitive landscape of the automotive industry, Carsten’s Auto Parts, a leading car parts retailer in Germany, faced logistical challenges in shipping products to customers across the country. Carsten Mayer, the business owner, sought a solution that would streamline shipping processes, reduce costs, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

The Solution - Ship &Deal:

Carsten’s Auto Parts partnered with Ship & Deal, an innovative ridesharing service for goods. Ship & Deal's unique model, which eliminates the need for packaging and provides real-time tracking, offered Carsten an opportunity to optimize his logistics operations.


Embracing Ship & Deal's services, Carsten’s Auto Parts integrated the platform into its shipping strategy. The vast array of car parts for various brands could now be shipped efficiently without the constraints of traditional packaging requirements. Ship & Deal's real-time tracking ensured visibility into the movement of products at every stage.

Key Benefits:

Cost Efficiency: Ship & Deal's packaging-free approach resulted in immediate cost savings for Carsten’s Auto Parts, enabling competitive pricing for customers.

Timely Deliveries: Real-time tracking provided accurate delivery estimates, ensuring timely arrivals and improved customer satisfaction.

Expanded Shipping Options: Ship & Deal's ridesharing concept allowed for more flexible shipping options, accommodating the diverse needs of Carsten’s customers.


20% Reduction in Shipping Costs: Ship & Deal's innovative logistics approach contributed to a significant reduction in overall shipping expenses for Carsten’s Auto Parts.

Customer Satisfaction: Timely deliveries and improved shipping options led to increased customer satisfaction, reflected in positive feedback and reviews.

Operational Efficiency: The streamlined shipping process saved time and resources for Carsten’s Auto Parts, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Testimonial - Carsten’s Mayer, Owner of Carsten’s Auto Parts:

"Ship & Deal has transformed the way we handle logistics. The cost savings, coupled with the ability to offer more flexible shipping options to our customers, has been a game-changer for Carsten’s Auto Parts. Real-time tracking ensures we can meet delivery expectations, and our customers appreciate the reliable service."


Carsten’s Auto Parts' successful partnership with Ship & Deal exemplifies the platform's capacity to address the unique challenges of shipping diverse products in the automotive industry. By prioritizing cost efficiency, timely deliveries, and operational flexibility, Ship & Deal has become an invaluable asset in Carsten’s pursuit of excellence in customer service and logistics.